What Are Sets in NBA Top Shot?

What Are Sets in NBA Top Shot?

A List of All the Sets in NBA Top Shot

Sets are a unique collection of moments. There are common, rare, and legendary sets and they start in packs before hitting the open marketplace.

Did you know that the reason they are not combined has to do with gambling? They can’t mix common, rare, and legendary moments in packs as it would violate laws and they understandably don’t want to mess with that stuff.

Sets mark special occasions or special events in Top Shot and are a fun way to drum up interest in the product. A new set means new cool moments, so Top Shot will always be releasing new sets in order to keep users engaged.

While looking back doesn’t seem to be super helpful, it does provide us with some idea of what Top Shot’s strategy for future seasons may hold. The current sets are as follows:

Series 1

  • Base Set (Common)
  • Got Game (Common)
  • Early Adopters (Common)
  • Hometown Showdown: Cali vs NY (Common)
  • Metallic Gold LE (Rare)
  • Holo MMXX (Legendary)
  • Run It Back (Rare)
  • MVP Moves (Rare)
  • First Round (Rare)
  • Conference Semifinals (Rare)
  • Eastern Conference Finals (Rare)
  • Western Conference Finals (Rare)
  • The Finals (Rare)
  • Throwdowns (Rare)
  • Denied! (Rare)
  • For the Win (Rare)
  • So Fresh (Rare)
  • Rookie Debut (Rare)
  • With The Strip (Rare)
  • From The Top (Legendary)
  • Lace ‘Em Up (Legendary)
  • Cosmic (Legendary)
  • 2020 NBA Finals (Legendary)

Series 2

  • Base Set (Common)
  • Cool Cats (Common)
  • Hustle and Show (Common)
  • Seeing Stars (Common)
  • The Gift (Common)
  • Rising Stars (Rare)
  • Metallic Gold LE (Rare)
  • 2021 All-Star Game (Rare)
  • Season Tip-Off (Rare)
  • Holo Icon (Legendary)
  • Deck The Hoops (Legendary)

What Does Completing a Set Do?

Currently? Nothing. It’s purely for bragging rights. You don’t even get “baller status” points!

Sometimes, completing a set is associated with a “master challenge” like Cool Cats. In a certain window, completing a set will gift you with an extra moment. That happened recently with Hustle & Show too.

For a limited time in June, completing an entire set gave you a bonus to your collector score. This helped you qualify for a legendary holo pack drop, which finally provided some utility to true collectors who had marked off an entire set.

Since ‘Sets’ is a tab within your NBA Top Shot profile, expect completing sets to be a big part of the game. I’d imagine that soon having completed sets with give a permanent boost to your collector score (not just a temporary one).

Until then, sets are just for fun. What’s your favorite? I love Run It Back as it showcases a lot of players from the past that you can’t get on Top Shot anyway else!

Top Shot will continue to add new sets so keep your eyes peeled. I will be updating here too!

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