Common Vs Rare Vs Legendary Moments in NBA Top Shot

What Are the Difference Between Common, Rare, and Legendary Moments?

What Are the Difference Between Common, Rare, and Legendary Moments?

The answer to the question above is rooted in the definitions of common, rare, and legendary.

In NBA Top Shot, the difference between them is rooted in mint count. The less minted, the more “rare” a moment becomes.

Recently, NBA Top Shot has made some amendments to how they categorize common, rare, and legendary moments.

From the official blog.

Common (10K+ Mints)

Common is just a nice way to say “basic” – though they don’t shy away from that nomenclature when they are describing packs!

But just because something is common doesn’t mean that it’s not worth something. Rookies, for example, are minted as common moments and those can be some of the best long-term holds on NBA Top Shot.

There are even “special” commons like “Cool Cats” or “Hustle & Show”, so don’t let the name fool you. Commons are for any collector on Top Shot and represent the vast majority of moments.

Rare (500-4999 Mints)

Once you’ve worked your way up, it may be time to swoop on rare moments. They are a step above common moments and are for a more seasoned collector.

Since they have a lower mint count, they are scarcer and offer more potential to be worth more down the line.

To differentiate themselves, these moments even look a little different from a common moment as they have holographic corners.

You may see “MGLE” places when hearing about rare moments. This stands for Metallic Gold LE, which is the standard rare moment for NBA Top Shot and is included in many challenges.

Legendary (50-499)

Giannis Legendary Moment

Legendary moments are obviously the rarest in Top Shot (as of right now).

Therefore, they are the most expensive and most sought after.

Instead of being placed in the typical cube that most moments are in, they have an elaborate holo/neon border that encases them. Some even have awesome graphics to go with them (see above).

If you got the Dapp for them, by all means splurge on these moments.

Ultimate (1/1)

Ultimate moments are new to NBA Top Shot. In fact, there are 0 Ultimate moments currently in the marketplace.

That doesn’t stop us from speculating what they may be though.

The common theory is that these will be gifted to the actual players in the moment. We can see what they are in the Certified Ballers tab on the website, but there’s no moment there yet…

Time will tell!

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