What is MGLE in NBA Top Shot?

What is MGLE in NBA Top Shot?

Metallic Gold LE Set

MGLE is pronounced (meg-el), at least in my head.

It’s a word that is commonly used on NBA Top Shot, but it took me a few days to figure out what it meant and what it was.

MGLE simply stands for Metallic Gold LE, a rare type of moment distributed in packs. What keeps them in the conversation around Top Shot is the fact that their ongoing challenge is a driving factor in their demand.

Often sets are closed and set off to the side after a single challenge. They provide the one-off reward, but not much beyond that. They tend to just sit in your collections and gather dust as a collector’s item.

MGLE moments are different, however.

They are rare moments, so they offer scarcity. MGLE Series 1 is /299 while Series 2 MGLE is /499. However, beyond that, there are the aforementioned challenges associated with them.

To date, there have been 27 Metallic Gold LE Challenges. There are a lot of them because each challenge uses the existing set of MGLE moments as their requirements. Instead of essentially being retired after a single-use, MGLE challenges cycle through the moments all season to constantly keep the market engaged.

For that reason, MGLEs are a tough game to get into.

There is quite a bit of speculation on them and big money can swoop them up easier than someone simply trying to complete their first MGLE challenge.

Because MGLE moments that haven’t been used in challenges yet are guaranteed to be used at some point, those will be practically untouchable.

A normal MGLE moment will run you a couple of hundred bucks typically. Ones that are currently being used in challenges or are still yet to be used will go for quite a bit more.

There are of course differences in prices based on the player featured in that moment too.

All in all, it’s confusing. MGLE challenges are for the Top Shot elites, and it’s a complicated set because of that. I hope to one day participate in a MGLE challenge so I can provide a more behind the scenes look at what it takes to complete one.

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