What is Gifting in NBA Top Shot?

A Guide To Gifting in NBA Top Shot

A Guide To Gifting in NBA Top Shot

Who doesn’t like a nice gift?

Just like with any sort of collectible, some moments are more special than others to certain collectors. The great thing about being an NBA fan is that there is something for everyone.

Me? I like Lu Dort. Another collector might love Coby White. There are people who obsess over random Lakers like Alex Caruso.

It makes sense then why Top Shot has a built-in gifting system to their platform. This feature builds a community by allowing collectors to give moments to their friends or random Top Shotters they meet online. It’s a fun experience that I would highly recommend trying.

So how do you do it? I’ll get into that now:

Gifting Requirements

First off, it’s important to know that not all of your moments are eligible to give away (at least at first). This is to ensure that people aren’t abusing the system to complete challenges or use the gifting system to siphon value to main accounts (having multiple accounts is illegal in NBA Top Shot by the way).

The requirements currently are as follows:

  • 30 Days After First Purchase – This means that you have been a Top Shot user for more than 30 days. They use the “first purchase” as a way of marking this.
  • Own 20 Moments At All Times – This means that you have a good amount of moments in your collection. Again, having 20 moments at all times is a good way for them to ensure that accounts aren’t abusing gifting.
  • Own the Moment for 7 Days – This rule is in place to prevent users from gifting challenge moments to each other. The moment must be in your collection for 7 days before it can be gifted to someone else. Listing or delisting the moment resets this period too so be careful!

How To Gift

Once all the requirements are met, it’s time to gift your moment.

Doing this is really easy. I tested it out by giving a Bertans moment to someone I had been communicating with on Twitter.

First, I went to the moment and hit the ‘Send As Gift’ button. That brought me to a screen where I put in his Top Shot username. Then, I hit ‘Send A Gift’.

Before it’s out the door for good, it asks you to confirm the gifting. Top Shot has you click a box in order to confirm that you aren’t abusing gifting with an off-market transaction.

Once it’s selected, your moment is on its way to the new owner. It will take 15 minutes roughly to go through. The new owner will receive a notification when it enters their collection, as will you.

And that’s it!

Gifting is a simple feature, but an effective one. Not only does it build a sense of community, but it adds a way to get new users involved. Imagine gifting a moment to your friend who just joined Top Shot of their favorite player! It gets the hooks in and the generosity is usually paid forward. A gift to one moment usually leads to a gift for another user and so on!

Try gifting a moment today. You’ll feel great about it; I guarantee it.