What is Collector Score in NBA Top Shot?

What is Collector Score in NBA Top Shot?

The latest pack drop came with interesting news. Instead of moment requirements that had been the case for past rare and legendary pack drops, Top Shot rolled out the long-rumored “collector score”.

I was surprised to find out the calculation of a user’s collector score was transparent and easily determined. I assumed it was going to be a black-box kind of thing, where users didn’t know anything other than if they were eligible or not.

No, as it stands, you can calculate your collector score on your own, which means that people will still game the system to ensure they are eligible for certain drops.

The score breakdown is as follows per the official Top Shot blog:

Series 1 Moments:

  • Common (Base Set only): 25 points 
  • Common (Non-Base Set): 40 points
  • Rare: 100 points 
  • Legendary: 2000 points

Series 1 – Challenge Completion + Reward Owned:

  • Common (Non-Base Set) = 20 points
  • Rare = 50 points
  • Legendary = 1000 points

Series 2 Moments:

  • Common (Base Set only): 12 points
  • Common (Promo): 10 points
  • Common (Non-Base Set): 20 points
  • Rare: 80 points
  • Legendary: 1000 points

Series 2 – Challenge Completion + Reward Owned:

  • Common (Non-Base Set) = 70 points
  • Common (Promo) = 35 points
  • Rare = 280 points
  • Legendary = 3,500 points
Collector Score Detailed Review

There is certainly a weighting here. Scarce moments are worth more points, which is certainly a step in the right direction.

The amended rules to points for completing challenges is also good. It boosts the score substantially for users who complete and then hold their challenge rewards.

(Do note, you don’t have to own the exact moment you got for completing the challenge, you can swap for another one of a different serial number at no penalty to your collector score)

However, there is still a lot that is not taken into account. For example, if they are truly trying to reward collectors, why are all moments of the same series worth the same? The Lebron Top Shot Debut moment is certainly “worth” more than other Series 1 moments of him. However, under the current weighting, they are all worth the same?

On the whole, Top Shot still has a lot of work to do.

Marketplace Bonuses

With rare drops lately, Top Shot has been adding on a ‘Marketplace Bonus’ based on how much you’ve spent in…you guessed it…the marketplace.

Marketplace Bonus for Collector Score

The idea is that this will encourage collectors to keep dumping their hard-earned paychecks in Top Shot. They will then be invited to play the pack game for rare and legendary drops.

Difference Between Baller Status and Collector Score

Currently, there is also a redundancy in Top Shot too. Why have Baller Status and Collector Score?

Time will tell if Baller Status fades away, or they are somehow combined. Right now, Baller Status is useless though, as it’s giving you achievement points but there are no rewards tied to it.

The Collector Score is the one you want to focus on as it’s tied into how you will be eligible for pack drops and is based off your moments and your moments only.

Baller Status conversely takes a more holistic view of the account, if you ask me. It factors in how many packs you’ve opened, how many showcases you’ve created, and also how many moments you’ve received through pack. Had they just added on more achievements tied to moment numbers and rarity, they could have just made Baller Status a more effective version of Collector Score.

As I type this, I’ll admit it’s a bit of a mess. The first pack drop tied to Collector Score also experienced a delay. I’m hoping with time all of this stuff will get ironed out and Collector Score will reward true collectors as it promised to.

As it stands, Collector Score is just another way for big money to game the system and get richer.

Where Can I View My Collector Score?

UPDATE 6/3: Collector Score is now available at the top of your Top Shot profile (see below). You can click into it to see the current breakdown as well as any current bonuses you are receiving for the latest pack drop.

NBA Top Shot Collector Score

Luckily, MomentRanks.com and other tools have built the collector score into account overviews. It will come in handy as they’ve included things like market spend, your current bonus, and your base collector score.

MomentRanks Collector Score
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