Hi! Welcome to TopShot101.com.

My name is Nic, and though I work in customer service, I am a long time collector.

NBA Top Shot appeals to me as it’s an intersection I thought I would never see. I’m interested in the crypto space (check), as well as stocks and sports (double-check). Oh yeah and as mentioned above I’ve been collecting basketball cards for as long as I can remember too (super check).

When I first heard about TS, I was skeptical like everyone else, but I once I started playing around with it, I became obsessed and super bullish on its future.

I couldn’t believe something so cool was happening and that I could be early on it! For most of my life, I jumped on trains long after they had left the station (man-buns are still cool, right?).

After playing around for a few months, I was more confident in everything NBA Top Shot had to offer and decided to start sharing my experiences here. I had built a small portfolio 100% organically (I started with a single Cool Cats pack), and I was now ready to start dumping more money into it.

Check out my collection so far: https://nbatopshot.com/user/@bivens

And use my contact form, if you want to get in touch!