The Best Analytics and Tracking Tools for NBA Top Shot

The Best Online Tools for NBA Top Shot

Let’s be honest, a lot of us are in for the money. Sure, there are items that we’re always going to keep – our favorite collectibles – but even the best collector wants to hold on to the items that are going UP in value as opposed to down.

Maybe it’s an ego or a pride thing.

But it’s important that (along with owning our favorites) that our portfolio, on the whole, is performing well.

Currently, the Top Shot tracking and analytics tools are a little bare-bones. You can see the sales history of your moment, sure, but you can’t see change over time on the moment, or track the day-to-day changes outside of the lowest price for the day.

In June of 2021, NBA Top Shot did add ‘Collectible Details’ to each individual moment’s page:

I’ve used Lu Dort’s Series 1 debut to show the different fields.

Now you are able to see not only how many are for sale, but the number NOT for sale as well as the number of moments that aren’t available for purchase.

The half-wheel shows how many are in packs too which can help you see if there are still more to be put into circulation.

The most interesting field here is “Burned”. While Top Shot has only committed to burning one set of packs currently, there is a future where they could burn moments. This would mean they would be destroyed forever and never available again in Top Shot. Obviously, this would decrease supply, so it’s something to keep an eye on in the future.

If you click ‘See All’, it will bring you to another important pop-up window that includes serial numbers and their owners.

Looking to find out who owns the #1 serial or jersey number of a given moment? Now, you can find out the user who owns it. If you click into their profile and they have linked their Discord or Twitter, then now you have a way of getting in touch with this person to ask how much it would cost!

Luckily, the blockchain allows others to build additional tools to fill the void left by Top Shot. A few websites have already made their mark on the Top Shot community and I will go over them here.

These are all “white-hat” tools. I don’t condone using any bots as that could put your Top Shot account in serious jeopardy.

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This was the first Top Shot tool I used, and (in my opinion) it’s also the best one out there. I got lucky, I guess.

Then, got the NBA Top Shot official stamp of approval. They are now used within every moment’s page so users can get more market data on them. Talk about a backlink!

In the future, I could see Top Shot picking up in some kind of acquisition. For now, though, gives some of the best data on moment performance over time, current challenges data, and portfolio ranking and analytics (despite its terrible name and branding).

Account Valuation

Shout out to Dingaling, one of the most prolific Top Shot users currently!

From their website, I can see where I rank across the entire Top Shot ecosystem in terms of account value (top 5%!) and I can see what I purchased moments at compared to their lowest ask now. They give a breakdown of your portfolio performance at a glance too.

Analyze Challenges

When it comes to challenges, you can see really good stuff there like how many users have already completed the challenge, and how many are close to doing so. This comes in handy when you’re evaluating whether you want to complete a challenge or not.

It also provides the current price to complete the challenge, which obviously is something you’ll want to clear with your significant other if it’s the thousands of dollars range. “Trust me, babe. This is an investment!”

Analyze Moments

For individual moments, also provides some valuable insight not available on

This includes the moment’s market cap, but more importantly how many moments are currently in circulation.

The “% Owned” shows us what is out there in the market. This can be interesting to look at for moments currently “CC” or continuing circulation. If something is currently below 75% owned, that likely means there will still be more put into packs at a future time. No need to jump on them as supply will almost certainly be going UP.

This feature, however, is a little dated now that Top Shot has built it into the platform itself.

Deals tab from is ideal for “sniping”.

If you are looking to appropriately price your moments, there is no tool better than LiveToken.

I was skeptical for a few months to use this site. I for some reason thought it was a bot service. However, a simple search of the site reveals that it’s a white-hat tool; it’s completely safe.

Nothing they are doing is “illegal” in the Top Shot community. Instead, it provides you with the FMV (fair market value) of your moments and other ones in the marketplace based on all the data they’ve gathered. And boy, do they have a lot of data.

They also have a pretty handy “deals” tab that pulls in marketplace snipes in real time.

You have to have really fast fingers in order to snag any of these bad boys, but it’s useful if you have some time to kill and are looking for something you can flip for a profit. is a tool that can be used for ALL NFTs, not just NBA Top Shot.

It provides the market caps of NFTs and given the volume, NBA Top Shot always appears towards the top of their list along with CryptoPunks:

When you click into NBA Top Shot, however, you will notice that there is some extra information here that will be very valuable as you continue your moment collecting journey.

Live Sales

Live Sales on

Remember how blockchain is essentially a digital ledger? Well, thanks to CryptoSlam, you are able to see the sales as they happen.

It’s updated every few minutes, and you can see what every moment is selling for – from Lebron to Miles Plumlee.

The site itself can be a little clunky and hard to search with, but it does beat having 12 tabs open with different moments trying to track them all as they go.

Live Marketplace

Live Marketplace on

The live marketplace can help you find steals (aka “snipes”) that have just dropped onto the marketplace.

Again, this is a live ledger look at the newest listings on the NBA Top Shot marketplace. The good ones will be gone almost instantly due to bots, but other good deals can be found quickly using this tool.

Live Mints

Live Mints is really where you can get breaking news if you are watching it closely.

This tool will not only show you when rewards for challenges are being minted, but any new moments when they are about to be put into packs will show here too.

Use that kind of information to your advantage as things might be minted here that won’t show up in packs or in the marketplace for another few days.

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